Facts about Nidhivan in Vrindavan – Sightseeing Mathura & Vrindavan is a sure way to find spiritual solace and satisfaction. During the trip to Vrindavan and Mathura, one could not miss the mysterious beauty of Nidhivan, a forest magically dedicated to Lord Krishna’s divinity where devotees believe that he visits each night for the Ras Leela dance!

After evening aarti, locals believe that the birds, animals and people leave this sacred place. If one is up for some mystery and spiritual enlightenment then everybody should consider this destination when planning their sightseeing travels in Uttar Pradesh.

What is the story behind Nidhivan?

When sightseeing in Mathura and Vrindavan, many travelers make sure to include a trip to Nidhivan on their list. Here, at 5 p.m, The garden closes for the public and gives way to a mysterious legend that says “Every night Krishna came here to dress and adorn Radha Rani with his own hands at Rang Mahal inside the temple”.

Inside, one can explore the sight of ornaments and makeup items near the bed in Rang Mahal temple – all said indications of divine love exhibited by Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. Not only that but during these moments of absolute serenity in Nidhivan, all trees become gopis and share an enchanting dance along with them.

Every night at post sunset there are numerous mysterious facts that take place inside the boundaries of this sacred site and no one has permission to enter it.

Many speculations have been made to try and uncover what truly transpired here, but none have successfully been able to unravel this ancient enigma. Though there are multiple theories as to what goes on here, a full list of facts about Nidhivan is yet unknown and essential for authentic understanding.

The Mysterious Rang Mahal

Located near Rang Mahal, the site has one palace and a bed of sandalwood that is prepared every night for Lord Krishna by unseen hands. Around the bed, a jar filled with water and other items like Neem Datun for brushing teeth and Pan bless this spot with divine presence.

When visitors take a trip to Vrindavan and Mathura, they are enchanted at sight of Rang Mahal in the morning with the bed looking as if somebody had slept on it. On further inspection, even water from the jar, Neem Datun, and Pan look as if consumed, making them believe Lord Krishna had visited them in the night!

Stories say that anyone who tries to see the mysterious Krishan Raas Leel being performed in the temple is sure to face serious consequences – from losing their sight and speech to worsening mental soundness. It appears as though simply witnessing the sight of this miraculous dance could be too much for one’s spirit to handle. The exact nature of its mystery remains largely unknown, making Nidhivan a unique and awe-inspiring travel destination.

One may find it hard to believe that within the holy area surrounding the temples, a rock garden can be seen with the mysterious footprints of young Krishna! Along with these prints, an incredible sight awaits travelers as they also witness a calf of Krishna in the nearby mountains. It is said that when the melodious flute tones of Krishna echo within the area, huge mountains turn into rocks! Such is the mysterious power associated with this place and it makes one believe about the divine connection even more.

Saint Haridas temple

Near Nidhivan is another must-see destination, the Saint Haridas temple. This small temple holds a deep historical background and is highly revered by devotees visiting Mathura and Vrindavan. The temple was built in remembrance of devotee saint Haridas who served Lord Krishna through prayers and bhajans for years.

A sightseeing of Vrindavan and Mathura is incomplete without a visit to the Saint Haridas Temple in Nidhivan. Located in the 15th century, this temple has a unique legend linked with it. The divine Saint Haridas made his base at Nidhivan with an aim to impress Lord Krishna with his wonderful music thus he played the flute.

One day, Lord Krishna blessed him by appearing in the same spot in Nidhivan; thus it came to be known as ‘Prakatya Sathal’, which literally means “appearance of Lord Krishna”. If one is interested in feeling this divine connection, pay your visit to this sacred temple through our Mathura Vrindavan Holi tour package, promising a spiritual experience you won’t forget!

Lalita Kund

Lalita Kund is another important place of interest located in Nidhivan, which is also related to the life of Lord Krishna. This natural pond was once filled with sweet water and is said to have been used by young Krishna as a playground while romping around with his friends.

Known as ‘Lalita Kund,” this well has an interesting story associated with it; friends of Shree Radha by the name of Lalita were once performing Ras Leela (a form of devotional singsong) when she became thirsty.

To fulfill her thirst, Lord Krishna used his flute to create this well, which to this day looks much like a harvesting well. Indeed, the sight of Lalita Kund brings with it a sight of divine devotion and fills one’s heart with a sense of peace and serenity.

These are some of the significant places that one must visit while taking a Mathura Vrindavan Tour Packages. Each destination is associated with interesting stories and legends of Lord Krishna, creating an unforgettable experience for all visitors. If you’re looking for a spiritual journey to remember, make sure you don’t miss out on these must-see destinations in Nidhivan!

Summing up

Nidhivan, Saint Haridas Temple and Lalita Kund are some of the most famous places to visit in Mathura & Vrindavan. Each one is associated with fascinating stories and legends of Lord Krishna, creating a unique travel experience that anyone looking for peace and serenity must witness. So, if you’re planning to make a trip to Mathura & Vrindavan, make sure you don’t miss out on these must-see destinations!

Travelers to this destination can find solace in the divine atmosphere that surrounds it. One may come across many landmarks associated with Lord Krishna’s life during their trip, and can also experience a more profound understanding of the divine connection between humanity and divinity. So, make sure to make the One Day Mathura Vrindavan Tour soon for an unforgettable spiritual journey!

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