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2025 Holi Schedule Day by Day with Dates

1: Barsana Phool Maar & Laddu Holi in Sriji Temple

06 March 2025

Holi in Barsana is celebrated with a lot of traditional enthusiasm and excitement! People fromall over the country come to witness the Laddu Holi in Shriji temple, where men sing devotional

songs as they go around the temple in a procession. Shriji Temple in Barsana is where the Holi festivities take another level! Hundreds of devotees gather here to celebrate, singing and dancing while colorful laddus and flowers are thrown around. People accept these treats as an endowing blessing and mark the occasion by taking part energetically. It is believed that during this time, Shri Krishna would play Holi with Radha Ji and shower her with flowers, an act symbolically retained at temples across India. Moreover, it is ensured that all the colors used for Mathura Vrindavan Holi celebrations are natural, made from flowers for a safe celebration that pays homage to tradition. Thus making Shriji Temple Holi in Barsana highly renowned.

2: Barsana Lathmar Holi ( Main Holi Barsana )

07 March 2025

The Brajwasi are unique, and when it comes to Holi, they don't keep anything back. The Lathmar Holi is not just another game - it promotes women empowerment, something that Shri

Krishna revered and always stood up for. Even during Holi, he used to come over to Barsana with his friends, but the ladies there made sure to scare them away with bamboo sticks (lath). It

has become an integral part of the celebration where men from Nandgaon visit Barsana only get chased off by women waving their laths! It is a fun game that everyone looks forward to every year; why not join this Holi and be a part of this unique ritual?

3: Nandgaon Lathmar Holi

08 March 2025

After the fantastic Lathmar Holi celebration in Barsana, all eyes turn to Nandgaon the next day. Inhabitants of Nandgaon giddily await their men's arrival from Barsana so they can play their unique version of the ancient and much-loved game of Holi.

The women of Nandgaon will be armed with slings and sticks to chase away the boys while also attempting to color them with powders. The abundance of colors on display at this event is truly breathtaking. Those who have had the privilege of attending this event love everything about it: from throwing colored powder in the air, exchanging packets of sweets, and feasting -all while valiant ladies take sweet revenge! What better way to experience authentic Indian culture than by partaking in its most beloved activities? Theres no doubt that a trip to Nandgaon is worth it during the Holi festival.

4: Widows Holi

09 March 2025

Today marks the 4th day of the Widows; Holi celebrations in vrindavan Holi tours, India. Widows banished from their homes stay in the Pagal baba ashram and devote their lives to spirituality and god. In years past, they were not permitted to participate in traditional Holi in colors. Still, thanks to a recent change, these women can now celebrate this joyous holiday as tradition dictates. All those eager to join in on occasion can head to Gopinath temple in Vrindavan at noon to partake in colorful festivities and donate generously towards this noble cause.

5: Vrindavan Holi Celebration in Banke Bihari Temple (Rangbharni Ekadashi)

10 March 2025

Rangbharni Ekadashi is a momentous day in the vrindavan Holi tours calendar, and its celebration at the Banke Bihari temple is something to look forward to. Every year, devotees flock to the ancient temple to demonstrate their love and devotion for Shri Krishna with hues of colors. Those who have had the privilege of experiencing such festivities would describe it as a rainbow of joy, with people reveling in feelings of brotherhood and happiness. With colorful decorations and exuberant singing, the vibrancy and energy that takes over Banke Bihari Temple during this time make it a sight to behold!

6: Mathura Holi at Krishna Janmabhoomi ( Birthplace of Lord Krishna)

11 March 2025

The Krishna Janmabhoomi temple in Mathura is always a hub of joy and celebration, especially on Holi! Every year devotees from around the world come together to celebrate the birth of Shri Krishna with great fanfare. In addition to playing Holi together, they also partake in the traditional Lathmar Holi, where women use bamboo sticks to “attack” the men - a light-hearted game everyone enjoys! Colorful flying powder fills every corner of the air, and music performances add more vibrancy to this special event. For those looking for even more fun, Shri DwarkaDhish temple also hosts its grand celebration - a must-visit if you are in Mathura for Holi! Follow your heart and indulge in the uplifting joy of this colorful festival - visit Mathura to be part of every devotee’s annual pilgrimage to celebrate love, life, and color!

7: Gokul holi & Ramanreti visit

12 March 2025

Legend believes Kanha was mischievous during childhood, particularly delighting in teasing the Gopis of Gokul. Consequently, Kanha's early years carry special significance in Gokul. The Chhadi Mar Holi, akin to the Lathmar Holi tradition, is observed in honour of this. It is believed that Bal Krishna, being immune to sticks, inspired the use of smaller sticks in Chhadi Mar Holi. Instead of larger lathis, women playfully use these smaller sticks to lightly strike men. On the day of Chhadi Mar Holi, Kanha's palanquin is adorned, and women follow behind, wielding sticks. Holi festivities are rich and varied in Mathura, Vrindavan, and Barsana, where the festival is renowned in its various forms from floral celebrations to Lathmar. Barsana, especially, is famous for its ‘Lathmar Holi’ celebration, while Gokul upholds the tradition of ‘Chhadimar Holi.’ Next year in 2025, Chhadimar Holi is scheduled for March 4. During this festival, women playfully wield sticks to symbolize Lord Krishna's encounters with the Gopis in Hindu mythology, where they used sticks to shoo him away, re-enacting this tale through Chhadimar Holi.

8: Holika Dahan ( Holi Fire)

13 March 2025

Holika Dahan is integral to Holi celebrations and symbolizes the eternal victory of good over evil. The pyre has a long-standing tradition in Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, where it is celebrated enthusiastically. Family reunions are uncommon during this event as people come together to remember and honor the story associated with Holika Dahan. Prahlad was saved from Holikas attempt on his life due to his unwavering devotion to God, which gave divine protection. Holi thus celebrates this victory as a testimony to faith and the significance of devotion to divine intervention in times of need, regardless of age or societal position. As the night passes, Holi ushers in a message of togetherness and acceptance that undoubtedly serves as an essential lesson for all.

9: Dhulandi Holi (Colorful Water Holi in Brij)

14 March 2025

Holi Dhulandi is undoubtedly one of the most awaited festivals of the year in the Braj region. There are signs of joy and enthusiasm everywhere you look- people dressed in vibrant clothes, musicians singing folk songs, ready to engage in color play. The whole atmosphere is filled with divine emotion and delight, making it a perfect day to come together and celebrate unity! People throw dabar- abir, gulal, and color guns at each other to express their love and happiness. Kids are particularly excited as they are allowed to indulge in playful activities that they cannot do on any other day. Celebrations last all day long as neighbors visit each other with gifts and hugs. Truly, Holi Dhulandi is an enchanting experience in Braj, whose glory extends far beyond its native lands. It’s time for us all to unite to make this auspicious festival even more beautiful by spreading smiles wherever we go! Mathura Vrindavan Tour Packages

10: Dau ji ka huranga

15 march 2025

The family village of Mathura called Baldev after Lord Baldev, also known as Dau ji Maharaj, the elder brother of Shri Krishna, is where Dauji's Huranga is performed. The term "Dau ji" in the local dialect means an elder brother. Sheshnag, one of the two mounts of Lord Vishnu, took the form of Lord Baldev. It is said that Lord Baldev takes the position of Lord Krishna in Maharas or Mahalila during this Holi. Huranga is a more aggressive version of Holi that is said to be performed exclusively by Lord Baldev Ji. Huranga is only allowed in the temple by the descendants of Goswami Kalyan Deo ji. The descendants of Kalyan Deo ji have established a practice of performing Huranga annually after being granted the rights.

Barsana Holi Tours: Dive into the Vivid Colors of Tradition

India, a land of diverse cultures and festivals, offers numerous experiences that stay etched in memory forever. And if there's one event that stands out in its vibrancy and fervour, it's the Holi festival in Barsana. Located in Uttar Pradesh, Barsana is not just any other place to play Holi; it's where Holi comes alive in its most authentic form.

The birthplace of Radha, Barsana, holds a special significance in the annals of Hindu mythology. When the season of Holi arrives, the entire town is transformed into a canvas painted with shades of joy, devotion, and love.

Unraveling the Magic of Barsana Holi Tours

Embarking on a Barsana Holi Tour is like stepping into a time machine that takes you to the heart of ancient traditions. The unique "Lathmar Holi" celebrated here is a spectacle in itself. Instead of the usual exchange of colours, women playfully "hit" men with sticks, symbolizing the playful fights between Lord Krishna and the gopis. Men, in their turn, sing provocative songs to invite the attention of women. Tourists from all corners of the globe come to witness this enchanting dance of colours and traditions.

Every lane, every house, and every face in Barsana is smeared with colours, making it a photographer's paradise. The air resonates with chants, songs, and laughter, encapsulating the spirit of Holi in its truest sense.

If you wish to experience Holi in its most authentic and vibrant form, Barsana Holi Tours is your best bet. It's not just about colours; it's about stories, traditions, and emotions that run deep. So, are you ready to be a part of this captivating festival?

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